Genxglow: BPM 2012 Festival Highlights and Recap


When it comes to festivals it’s difficult to find aural pleasure and holiday rolled into one. That is, unless you go the BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

The fifth annual BPM Festival had it all. I found myself in the glory of the sun, riding ocean and sound waves, toes dug in the sand and a Corona in hand. An easy going vibe permeated day events as they were literally situated on the oceans doorstep. White sand, turquoise water, friendly smiling faces, state-of-the-art sound systems and world class DJ’s filling time and space with bass, melody, groove and sexy mood. You would think that in order to have all of this, it must cost a bit, but this is not the case. Flights into Cancun and staying at a hostel made it quite reasonable. The day events were free; all you had to do is walk to the beach and you’d find some of the best underground DJ’s the world over playing for all those that gathered. You could pack a lunch, drinks and your beach gear for a full day of dance music experience. It was almost surreal how approachable and easy it was to find yourself in these conditions throughout the BPM week. Read more.

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