festivalZoo Interview: The BPM and Primavera Festivals – Party in Paradise (Directors’ Interview)

Over the New Year and first week of 2012 we were in Playa Del Carmen for the BPM festival which is quickly becoming a top destination for festival go-ers all over the world. It’s easy to see why BPM is a top destination when you combine amazing music, a gorgeous tropical location and absolutely wonderful people. BPM has become so popular there is now a smaller sister festival called Primavera taking place in just a couple of weeks – the first week of April (5-8). We spoke with the pioneers and directors of the BPM/Primavera festivals (Craig Pettigrew, Phillip Pulitano, Ralf Madi, Benoit Lamy, Vito Tomasicchio, Alessandra Axelsson and Nitin Kalyan) to find out more about it’s origins, BPM’s on going mission and what to expect when you visit Playa Del Carmen. Read more.

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